Anatomy of a Fast Growing P2P Fintech Disruptor in Emerging Asia

The China market is bigger than the US and they tend to move much faster; Emmanuel Daniel of The Asian Banker compares China today to 1971-1984 in the US when regulation was just beginning to be put in place; Credit China is an example of a successful P2P lender in China, now valued at $3 billion; Yew Kiat Phang speaks about the company, sharing how they initially were a traditional lender, constrained by capital and customers with single revenue streams; the company took a broad approach to fintech, first obtaining a third party payment license; company reported $12 billion in 2016 on their P2P lending platform; their payment gateway saw $30 billion in flow for 2016; Yew Kiat Phang shares other details on the company in the video.  Source