All of the Fintechs Involved in PPP Loans

It has been an interesting to say the least as we have watched everything play out with the Paycheck Protection Program loan process. Fintechs were eager to help small businesses with the $349 billion initially allocated to small businesses but initially there wasn’t clarity on when it might be possible. For many who wanted to be among the first to apply, going through a bank was the only option as LendIt Fintech experienced firsthand. As we stand today there are now many fintechs, both lenders and banks involved in the process although the initial $349 billion allocated to the PPP has run out, according to Senator Rubio this morning. It is expected that Congress will appropriate additional funds soon.

Approvals started with small business lenders like Kabbage, made possible through an unnamed bank partner. Then this week we saw lenders get approved on a standalone basis. Other fintechs have taken an entirely different route. StreetShares had originally planned to offer SBA loans but then opted to instead partner with Fiserv. They are providing to them a secure portal for bankers to review and prepare documents while also providing application processing and eligibility checks.

If you’re looking for a full list of PPP lenders, Gusto has created this helpful Google sheet which continues to be updated with the status of each lender.

We will continue to update the list below as more fintechs get approved.

Approved Fintech PPP Lenders

Funding Circle

Fintechs Working with Partner Banks for PPP Loans


Fintech banks processing applications

Cross River Bank
Celtic Bank
Radius Bank
Sunrise Banks

It is difficult to overstate the importance of the PPP for the health of American small business. For many, it will have come too late but for millions of small businesses this money will allow them to stay in business and keep paying their employees. Congress needs to set aside its differences and provide more money for this program immediately. There is still a huge number of small businesses that need this money.