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Women in Fintech is back at Fintech Nexus USA 2023

In the often male-saturated environment of finance and tech (and subsequently fintech), Fintech Nexus has positioned itself to support the thriving community of women in the industry. 

As part of this year’s Fintech Nexus USA event, Deloitte will sponsor another Women in Fintech Program.

The program is dedicated to fostering meaningful connections in the industry while celebrating the women paving the path forward and helping the next generation of female fintech leaders succeed. It forms an integral part of Fintech Nexus’ events.

Often attendees are surprised at the vibrant ecosystem of women within the space and have left inspired by the experience. 

woman in fintech program

“A lot more people than I’ve seen in a very long time, so I think that bodes very well for the future of women in fintech,” said Frances Zelazny, CEO of Anonymity.  

“It was really great. Some great insights from the panel,” said Marika Vilen, SVP of Platform Commercialization, Global Identity & Fraud, Experian. “Really nice to see such a big attendance from so many women at the conference… It’s just really great too that there was time put aside for women to connect around fintech and networking.” 

women in fintech luncheon

The program comprises a luncheon on day one of Fintech Nexus USA at 12:30 p.m., featuring guest speakers and a networking session. Attendees will feature female leaders and upcoming talent in the space.  

In the past, guest speakers have included Jessica Jiang, Head of Capital Markets & Investor Relations from Square Inc, Ana Mahony, Founder & CEO of Addition Wealth, Leslie Gillin, Chief Growth Officer of Pagaya, and Gina Primeaux, Deloitte Principal & National Fintech Leader. 

Fintech Nexus supports Women in Fintech with its additional Rising Star Program. This allows anyone to nominate women-led fintech startups and aspiring women in fintech to receive complimentary tickets to the event. The nomination portal has already launched, allowing people to put forward the women they admire the most in the space.

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  • Isabelle Castro Margaroli

    Isabelle is a journalist for Fintech Nexus News and leads the Fintech Coffee Break podcast.

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