Where are the Founders from Some of the UK’s Top Fintechs

AltFi has taken a look at where the founders from some of the top UK fintech companies went after leaving their original firms; only one of Zopa’s original founders is still with the company, Giles Andrews is Zopa’s Chairman; the other four founders have gone to work with Ladbrokes, TUI, RSPB, and Yoyo Wallet; GoCardless is till led by Hiroki Takeuchi, though former founder Tom Blomfield went on to start Monzo; MarketFinance was founded by current CEO Anil Stocker, Managing Director Ilya Kondrashov and former CEO Charles Delingpole; Delingpole has since moved on to start ComplyAdvantage which has become a huge success helping to identify financial criminals; Monzo’s Co-Founders are no longer running the digital bank with Tom Blomfield stepping down earlier this year to become President and Paul Rippon, the former deputy CEO, leaving to raise alpacas. AltFi.

  • Todd Anderson

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