Webinar on the Chinese P2P Lending Market This Friday

China is the Largest P2P Market in the World
In the Wall Street Journal today there was this article about the growth of the P2P lending market in China. It is now many times the size of the US market and is growing faster. Why?

There are many reasons for this and the LendIt China team will be sharing their insights about China in a webinar at 12pm ET on Friday. My good friend and fellow LendIt co-founder, Jason Jones, has probably spent more time studying the Chinese P2P market than anyone else in this country. He will be presenting with Dr. Tharon Smith who is based in Shanghai and knows not just the P2P players there but also is fully immersed in Chinese culture (and can speak fluent Mandarin).

You will also learn about the LendIt China tour that is happening next month. Jason and Tharon will be talking about the Chinese P2P market, our LendIt China tour and will be taking your questions. You can register for Friday’s webinar here.

  • Peter Renton

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