Video: How Platforms Can Partner with Banks

The trend of partnering with banks is an increasing one for online lenders, there are many different forms of partnerships for many different reasons and the panel at LendIt USA 2016 gives a good overview of why these partnerships keep happening. Online lenders have structured their partnerships in so many different ways including: white labeling their technology to the bank, setting up an origination engine and loan servicing, using the partnership to improve efficiency for the customer and using banks to buy up loans with their excess capital. Panelists break down how their partnerships with banks came about and how long the process took for the partnership to complete. In most cases the banks and online lenders were in discussions for almost a year. The complexities to these partnerships were brought to light during the panel. It gives a good understanding of how detailed and thorough each party needs to be to ensure compliance and regulatory needs are met. Additionally the panel discussed how online lenders have matured over the last few years and are now in a better position to choose a bank partner. Online lenders are no longer viewed through a certain lens. They are viewed as collaborators and competitors who serve a customer that is very similar to the banks but serve them in a more efficient manner. 2017 looks to be the year of the bank partnership as there is now a track record of partnerships to rely upon for banks and online lenders alike. Check out the full video interview here: