The Top 8 Fintech Podcasts


One of the ways we gather a lot of information really fast is that we listen to podcasts, lots of them.  The fintech world is filled with interesting podcasts and there is always a new company, a new announcement, a new rule, or a new development to dissect.

Here is our list of the top 8 fintech podcasts:

Tradestreaming Podcast

8) Tradestreaming Podcast – Zack Miller hosts this long running podcast where he interviews thought leaders from around the globe talking about the latest technology and innovations impacting financial services. His guests are everyone from new entrepreneurs to corporate executives as well as VCs and bankers. In recent months he has featured numerous guests in the blockchain area and its impact on banking and traditional finance.

Barefoot Innovation Podcast

7) Barefoot Innovation Podcast – Jo Ann Barefoot is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Center for Business & Government. She is also the former Deputy Comptroller of the Currency at the OCC and served on the CFPB’s Consumer Advisory Board. Her podcast is unique in that she interviews both entrepreneurs as well as government leaders, focusing on the need for regulatory reform balanced with the need for innovation in financial services.


6) London Fintech Podcast – Mike Baliman has the leading fintech podcast in the UK and he interviews various European CEO and entrepreneurs on a bi-weekly basis. Mike is entertaining and has a unique ability to weave the conversation from fintech to tech to everyones daily lives. This is one important way that we keep up with the European fintech scene.


5) Bitcoin Uncensored –  We have listened to a bunch of Bitcoin and Blockchain podcasts like The Blockchain Show, the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network, the Bitcoin Lawyer, and Bitcoin Uncensored.  Honestly, we haven’t found a blockchain podcast that we love. Bitcoin Uncensored has taken the shock jock approach and as a result they have gained the most attention. We don’t love that approach but we give them credit for having the most popular and influencial podcast in the blockchain industry.


4) Wharton FinTech Podcast – This student run podcast does a great job at attracting and interviewing top fintech entrepreneurs.  They typically interview 1-2 CEOs per month and they have covered broad topics like Insuretech, Supply Chain Finance, Equity Capital Markets, Student Lending, Social Data Scoring, Digital Banking, and the fintech venture capital community.  They do a great job and we love that it is student run!


3) Rebank: Banking the Future – This podcast is brand new and it has hooked us quickly. We like it because it has a strong focus on digital banking.  It has already covered topics like APIs, Voice Recognition and Cognitive Computing, and the Blockchain.  They have interviewed incumbents and consutants like Misys and Accenture as well as challenger banks like Monzo and Moven.  Their focus makes them insightful.


2) Exchanges at Goldman Sachs – Ok, so this isn’t a pure fintech podcast but it is really good.  Goldman launched their internal podcast last year and since then it has been a must listen.  In May 2015 their CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, joined the show to let the world know that Goldman considers itself a tech company because they have 9,000 developers out of their 36,000 employees.  This past year their President, Gary Cohn, provided amazing insight into the global economic landscape (he was recently named to the President’s team as Director of the US National Economic Council), their Head of Technology, Don Duet, spoke about the digitization of finance, their Head of Technology Research, Heather Bellini, spoke about virtual reality and the shift to the cloud, their Chief Investment Officer, Armen Avanessians, spoke about the use of big data for quantitative investment strategies. Recently, their Head of Digital Finance, Harit Talwar, gave an extensive interview about their new online lending platform names Marcus.  Goldman gives a ton of insight into their business and we love learning from them.


1} Breaking Banks Fintech – Breaking Banks is the fintech industry’s oldest and biggest podcast.  It is the most advanced podcast in our industry and its host, Brett King, does an excellent job of traveling the world to bring us the latest news out of the fintech world.  Breaking banks mixes top guests with panel style guest hosts who talk about the global industry of fintech.  It is fun, entertaining, and educational.  If there is one fintech podcast to subscribe to, this is it.


Bonus: Lend Academy Podcast – As a bonus we give you our very own podcast.  Every week Lend Academy Founder, Peter Renton, interviews a different CEO.  Of everything that Lend Academy does, our podcast series gets the top reviews and most complements by far. People love listening to this podcast.  Our industry is so diverse and Peter does a wonderful job at identifying leading CEOs and having them share their experience as a entrepreneur and business leader.