The AI cluster running on top of the Internet has data mined you, and has some deep fakes to sell you

This week, we look at:

  • Deep Fakes behind South Park creators’ new parody, Sassy Justice

  • The AI-created author of the fake Hunter Biden intelligence report

  • GPT-3 winning the love and attention of people on Hacker News

  • How should we react to these robots and their desire to mess with our minds

Unlike equities, the crypto markets were born from machines, and are constructed from code. Hold dear the tokens in which you believe, and stay away from the stories of easy money. Nothing is easy. To win Russian roulette is not good fortune. It is, instead, a grave mistake to play a lethal game. Have you nothing to lose?

And then Brexit. And then Taiwan and China. And then Covid, again. And then, who knows.

From now on and forever, your counterparty is the data center running an AI cluster on top of the Internet. The data center that has already profiled you and knows everything about you. Bring the tinfoil hat.