Signs Your Bank is Updating Their Core Banking Technology

Most bank customers never think about how a bank’s technology works and what it means for their financial lives; core banking technology drives everything at a bank and with digital becoming more important by the day banks have started to exposure updating these core systems; there are a few ways you can tell if a bank has started to update their core banking technology; if you start receiving tailored banking promotions then you know your bank is beginning to use data in a new way where they can push products that speak to your financial situation; seamless experience between different channels, having a phone conversation with a banker which then leads to an online experience where it feels like a continuation of your conversation; the differences between fintech startup services and apps is almost negligible, accessing all of your financial accounts in one place for example would prove your bank is innovating; banks and fintechs are racing each other to provide the best services possible, whoever wins that race it is clear that the customer will benefit the most. Forbes

  • Emily Donato

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