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Scaling a core ledger for neobanks, processors, brokerages, and payment providers, with Twisp CEO Jarred Ward

In this conversation, we chat with Jarred Ward, CEO and co-founder of Twisp. Ward has been tasked with building nearly every part of the modern financial ecosystem, from a greenfield core banking stack, direct integrations with Visa and the card networks for card issuing, and later, building a banking-as-a-service API on top of BBVA’s global core.

Ledgers are the detailed records of transactions and money movement for every fintech, yet they are continuously reinvented for every product. The process of building and operating mission-critical ledgers to track and reconcile payments and money movement is complex.

Twisp’s vision is to provide the operational and scaling guarantees of DynamoDB, the correctness guarantees of a relational database, with the ledger and accounting primitives you need to build modern financial products at any scale


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Topics: fintech, blockchain, ledgers, finance, financial infrastructure, cloud, accounting, banking-as-a-service, baas, api

Companies: Simple, BBVA, Twisp, PacifiCorp, Stripe, Marqeta, MySQL 


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1’29”: The foundational experiences in Jarred’s education and career

3’39”: Identifying the ways in which computers and automation were helping people in finance solve their problems

7’35”: Jarred’s experience working at B2C consumer neobank Simple and its approach to success in a highly competitive space

12’58”: The approach of the financial stack in a US-based traditional bank vs. neobank like Simple

16’47”: The acquisition of Simple by BBVA and their approach to remaining competitive and relevant

22’29”: The evolution of banking: Is old infrastructure with a modern API-based real-time infrastructure on top the answer?

25’32”: Twisp – financial ledger infrastructure: Founding the company and its core propositions to date

33’08”: The fundamentals of a core ledger and how abstraction supports assets of differing types

38’39”: The ways that modern stacks are able to get around the natural limitations of technologies like MySQL and Postgres

43’52”: Financial workflows: Their evolution, customer adoption preferences, and the ability to package them into on-demand financial infrastructure

46’50”: Channels to use to connect with Jarred & learn more about Twisp

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