Real Estate and Financial Services Increasingly Using Reg. A+ for Offerings

A new report by NextGen Crowdfunding documents increasing use of Reg. A+ as the regulatory umbrella for real estate crowdfunding and other financial offerings; Reg. A+ was finalized in June 2015 as a means for non-accredited investors to access private offerings; companies can raise up to $50 million per year under Reg. A+; across all sectors, 131 companies to date have filed under Reg. A+, with 38% of these filings being by real estate and financial services platforms and many others being IT startups; roughly half of the filers are using “Tier 1” rules for Reg. A+, meaning they will continue to register in individual states as well as at the federal level, and half are filing “Tier 2”, seeking national fundraising scope while avoiding the added prudence of vetting against state rules.  Source