PitchIt Podcast #26: Carlos Alonso Torras of Fintech Collective

On episode 26 I talk with Carlos Torras of Fintech Collective. Fintech Collective is a venture capital firm that partners with founders with vision and persistence – founders with a desire to reshape markets. 

I’ve known a few of the investors with Fintech Collective, they truly are a bleeding-edge VC firm. Carlos focuses on one of the world’s hottest fintech markets in LatAm. 

We discuss what the LatAm landscape looks like today, how much has changed over the last few years, the impact exits are having on building out the ecosystem, advice for founders, raising capital, and a whole lot more.

  • Carlos’s journey to Fintech Collective
  • Fintech Collective targets seed and series A companies
  • Why they focus on emerging markets like LatAm
  • The reasons behind LatAm’s digital acceleration
  • Repatriation of talent has helped expand the ecosystem
  • Payments is the top of the fintech spear
  • The urbanization of LatAm has helped fintech
  • Current successes create pathways to the next group of companies
  • AUM for LatAm banks creates oligopolistic tendencies
  • Expression pattern matching is dangerous when it comes to comparing different countries
  • Crypto has the potential to emerge faster in an emerging market
  • Best advice is always keep your team first and never, never be cheap with your equity
  • Nothing replaces human interaction when investing
  • Carlos recommends reading books written by Henry Kissinger and Red Notice
  • He is a HUGE FC Barcelona fan
  • and more…

Download a PDF Transcription of No. 26 Carlos Torras

  • Todd Anderson

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