PitchIt Podcast #25: Duy Vo of Productfy

On episode 25 I talk with Duy Vo of Productfy. Productfy is a fast and easy developer-first platform for any company to build, test, and launch financial products.

They’re essentially building a distributed network for traditional finance. They work with small community banks and credit unions to help put the right pieces in place that you would need to launch financial products. 

We had a really fascinating discussion not only about technology and where it is, but also beyond the technology, the programs, the way in which they’re building these new applications. We discuss where the product is today, what they’re looking to launch towards the end of the year, fundraising, intentional culture for a distributed team and a whole lot more. I really hope you enjoy the show.

  • Duy’s journey to launch Productfy
  • How financial services are moving towards the edge
  • Why Shopify is a good comparison
  • How non-banks can bring products to the customer, no matter the venue
  • How to ensure you are aligned with our clients and their values
  • Productfy hopes to help clients launch a product within a week in Q1 next year
  • Why program construction is so important
  • Similar to railroads, change needs to be built in along the way
  • What they mean by building DeFi for traditional finance
  • Most startups die by suicide not by homicide
  • Why building with a distributed workforce is easier
  • Duy Vo recommend reading Algorithms to Live By
  • Underwater hockey is a real thing, and it should be an Olympic Sport
  • And more…

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Download a PDF transcription with No. 25 Duy Vo

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