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Small Change is claiming to be the first real estate crowdfunding platform that's issuing investments under Reg. CF; the company focuses on investment projects with community enhancement benefits; Reg. CF (covered by the JOBS Act Title III) is one of several regulatory frameworks to facilitate private investments; Reg. CF is suited for smaller startups and investment offerings up to $1 million, without the full SEC filing requirements of Reg. A+; in the Crowdfund Insight interview, Small Change CEO, Eve Picker, suggests that they will use Reg. CF for smaller real estate investment projects and broader outreach to all levels of investors, while using Reg. D in parallel to reach accredited investors for larger deals.  Source

The new startup, 10X Future Technologies, partners with challenger bank Virgin Money to build a new digital banking platform; the new deal comes to light just one day after 10X Future Technologies was launched to the public; Virgin Money is listed on the FTSE 250 and will count on 10X to build a cloud-based core banking system that will deliver new products in a more cost efficient manner.  Source

The UK based digital banking firm 11:FS has hired fintech expert Sam Maule to help head up their expansion into North America; "Having made a great impact in the first 15 months of 11:FS' life, we now feel we can have a similar impact with Sam at the helm in North America and Canada, helping organizations really understand what digital transformation within their banks and insurers truly means," CEO David Brear explained; 11:FS is also looking to open a New York office and named entrepreneur and investor Lisa Gansky as non-executive director. Source

Prime Meridian Capital Management is a Bronze Sponsor at LendIt USA 2017; in this featured blog post they give a review of marketplace lending in 2016; a challenging year for the industry, lending volumes and confidence retreated for one of the first times in the industry's history due to rising rates and an executive scandal; the release of Lending Club's CEO and Founder Renaud Laplanche added increased incentive for improving operations and increasing transparency which led to recovery in the second half of the year; a number of platforms, including Lending Club, secured new sources of funding and introduced new product expansion; the top three P2P platforms ended the year with combined originations of $2 billion per month and momentum for continued growth appears to be positive for the industry in 2017. Sponsored Blog Post