N26 Customers Betrayed and Outraged by UK Exit

N26 announced last week that they were leaving the UK market due to Brexit and their customers have shown significant outrage over the move; “Surely they need an excuse for investors and blame it on Brexit, not on mismanagement or lack of knowledge on how to tackle the U.K. market,” Miguel Frias Mosquea, an N26 customer based in London, said to CNBC. “It’s better to pretend it’s not their own failure.”; it was a common theme from customers that Brexit was an excuse and that the company’s offering in the UK did not hit the mark; it is a big lesson for the market but the company still has more than five million customers worldwide and recently passed 250,000 is the U.S.; “We are sorry to be leaving and we understand this will be disappointing for our customers, and our priority now is to ensure a smooth transition for them,” N26 told CNBC in response to customer criticisms. CNBC

  • Emily Donato

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