LendIt China 2016 Kicks Off in Hong Kong


Yesterday, we welcomed attendees around the world to the LendIt China tour 2016. We kicked off in Hong Kong with a welcome reception hosted by the Hong Kong Venture Capital Association, InvestHK, Arbor Ventures and Metta. Participants got to know many Hong Kong startups and speak with companies who invest across the world. Following the the reception we headed to dinner hosted by InvestHK, a government organization that helps companies expand in Hong Kong.

The next day, LendIt co-hosted The Global Fintech Investment Summit with AMTD. AMTD is a non-bank financial services group which specializes in capital markets & advisory, asset management, insurance brokerage and risk management. Pictured below is LendIt Co-Founder Jason Jones welcoming the crowd to the event.


The day consisted of individual and panel presentations. Topics covered fintech broadly including the fintech ecosystem, digital innovation and how fintech companies in Asia can collaborate with global leaders. For many companies joining us on the executive tour they had the opportunity to present their company to the over 150 investors in attendance. Another highlight of the day were the 1-1 networking sessions for the many investors to learn more about the international companies who are joining us in China. Hong Kong is a hub for international investing and many of the investors in attendence were interested in deploying money to platforms or participating in an equity investment.


Our day concluded with cocktails and dinner hosted by AMTD. It was a busy day on the tour with a full day of content and networking. Tomorrow we have several company visits scheduled and leave Hong Kong for Shenzhen, our second stop on the tour.