LendIt Blog Featuring Great Content in Lead Up to LendIt USA


We are now less than one month away from LendIt USA and anticipation is growing. We wanted to share with readers another source to get a preview of some of the hot topics in marketplace lending from several of the leading companies in the space. Over the next month, the LendIt Blog will be sharing a massive amount of content, featuring guest posts every day. We are starting to get perspectives from companies on many of the topics that are on everyones minds that will also be featured at LendIt.

Below are the guest posts that have been published over the last few days:

FinTech: The Framework of a New Era from 48 Factoring 

George Bessenyei, Director at 48 Factoring poses the question of whether FinTech is a stable phenomenon or a passing trend. He speaks about the current state of FinTech and contrasting it with old firms that exist in the industry today.

Innovation Through Partnership: How The Lending Industry Can Meet Its Uber Moment

Partnerships is a story that is on everyones mind following announcement of the JPMorgan/OnDeck partnership among other deals that were penned in 2015. In this guest post from Blend, Nima Ghamsari (CEO and Co-Founder) talks about the merging of Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

Bank/AltFi Partnerships: Smart Business For All

Stephen Steinbaum, Founder of BizFi  discusses the challenges that newcomers and established banks face as the industry evolves. He too believes more partnerships are in order for the industry and talks about the details in his guest post.

Hybrid Lending Will Become the New Normal

Hybrid lending may be a new term for many, but it is a model that we are increasingly hearing companies talk about. In this guest post from Cloud Lending Solutions Auke Douwe Veenstra talks about the growth of hybrid lending.

The Beginning of the End for FICO Scores?

In 2015 we learned that SoFi, a leader in the marketplace lending industry was dropping FICO scores as a data point for approving borrowers. In this post from John Birge of Credibility Capital he provides an overview of FICO scores and highlights why some lenders believe it is not a factor they need to consider when making a credit decision.

Be sure to stay tuned to the LendIt Blog for more fantastic content as we approach LendIt USA.