Lend Academy Podcast: Mike Baliman on Small Company Boards

Mike Baliman runs the London Fintech Podcast and last made an appearance on the Lend Academy Podcast back in 2016; Baliman has recently written a book called “The Realpolitik Of The Unlisted Company Board: Making Your Board An Engine Of Growth” which goes into depth about how to create an optimal board of directors to help your company grow; this is something that founders often overlook when they are building out their board but there are some real advantages to having a high quality board of directors; some of the topics covered in this episode include the major differences between a public company board and a small company board, when an entrepreneur should think about creating a board, the difference between the approaches of the serial founder and first time founder to creating a board and how a board should evolve as a company grows. Lend Academy

  • Emily Donato

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