Lend Academy Announces LendBase, an Open Database for Online Lending


Lend Academy Holdings, which is the parent company of Lend Academy Media, LendIt and NSRInvest is excited to announce the launch of LendBase. Launching earlier this week at LendIt Europe 2015, LendBase will serve as the first open and free database serving the p2p lending industry. The database will  include information about p2p lenders across the globe.

As the industry grows, it has become harder to track the numerous companies that operate globally. This includes platforms, investment funds, service providers and media companies. With LendBase, users will be able to search and view detailed information about companies in the industry. At Lend Academy, our mission is to educate the world about p2p lending and learning about the companies in existence is an important part of this. Peter Renton, a founding member of Lend Academy Holdings and CEO of the LendIt Conference stated:

The online lending industry has forever changed the way individuals and small businesses around the world obtain credit — and it will only continue to grow. With the proliferation of industry participants such as investors, service providers, and investment funds, keeping track of the online lending space has become a challenge. LendBase solves this problem by providing a free and open information platform. We intend for LendBase to support the development of the peer to peer and online lending industry, and we will continue to develop its data and capabilities far into the future.

To use LendBase, visit www.lendbase.io.