Kabbage Launches Kabbage Insights to Further Help Small Businesses with Cash Flow

Kabbage continues to look into how they can serve small businesses in new ways. We recently shared Kabbage’s announcement of extremely short loans from three to forty-five days.  This offering was part of the launch of Kabbage Payments, which further integrates Kabbage’s offering into small businesses.

Today, Kabbage announced the launch of Kabbage Insights which aims to help small businesses better understand their cash flow. Kabbage Insights looks at transaction activity to put together a dashboard of financial data. Using this information small businesses can better anticipate changes, allowing them to know when to cut expenses, invest further into the business or seek out financing.

According to the press release:

As a leader in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence for small businesses, Kabbage Insights produces personalized forecasts to predict the future cash position of a business. Customers can then set a desired low-balance threshold and receive automated alerts if accounts are predicted to dip below it, empowering small businesses to identify, act upon and prevent cash deficits before they occur.

Another interesting feature is the ability for the small business to compare their company performance to that of a similar sized small business made possible by the Kabbage Small Business Revenue Index. Kabbage’s 220,000 small business customers will have immediate access to the new tool.