IPO Not in the Near-Term Plans for SoFi

In May 2015 SoFi’s CEO, Mike Cagney, said the company planned to go public within the next 12 months; current plans have changed and the CEO now says it has no plans for an IPO anytime soon; the market for online lending IPOs has been volatile in recent months; SoFi has also been significantly focused on expanding its products beyond just student loans to meet broader needs for its customers; the CEO says its business and expanding business lines subject it to quarterly fluctuations in reporting metrics which could be detrimental under public investor scrutiny; given the firm’s positioning it could be one of the industry’s leading beneficiaries of the OCC’s new fintech charter which will allow for national standards; as of last year SoFi had a valuation of approximately $4 billion and currently it’s involved in a $500 million funding round to increase loan purchases and potentially equity.  Source