Insurtech Heat — Prudential pays $2B for 3yr old start-up and Tesla insures own smart cars

Assurance came on my radar courtesy of Financial Technology Partners, which was the investment banker on Assurance’s $3.5 billion sale to Prudential. Notably, the company is just 3 years old — which comes out to a cool billion of enterprise value per year, likely a record comparable to the very few Ant Financials. Depending on the details, this is about $25 million of value per employee. So what does the company do? Simple, really. It is a destination website licensed to sell all types of insurance product (e.g., life, health, auto), with a clean onboarding questionnaire like any other roboadvisor, which then matches against policies on offer from third parties. AI and data science are used as the recommendation engine. It is a Kayak or Money Supermarket of insurance, simply designed, cleverly wired, with killer founders.