INSIKT Rebrands to Aura

INSIKT is a mission-driven fintech company offering loans to thin file borrowers; so far the company has provided $390 million in loans to 320,000 borrowers at over 1,200 partner locations; Jamies Gutierrez stated, “Today, I am excited to share that INSIKT has undergone an extraordinary transformation that starts with a bold new name. Aura, like your credit score, may seem invisible, but it matters a lot. Today, we commit to making the seemingly invisible role of credit, approachable, visible, clear, transparent, easy to understand and fair for all. Most financial institutions see borrowers as a number, a risk, a reflection of the past. This says nothing about a borrowers’ potential and where they can go. The difference for us — we see their Aura, not just their credit score. We see them, their potential, and their dreams.”; with the announcement the company is also launching a customer loyalty program called “Aura Hearts”. Source