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Here’s a LendIt Fintech USA keynote lineup sneak preview

Just a month away, the big LendIt Fintech USA event is shaping into LendIt’s the most successful yet.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the featured speakers on the main keynote stage. 

Embedded finance, new tech in consumer banking 

No other large bank has embraced fintech quite like Goldman Sachs. The digital bank brand Marcus launched in 2016 and has become a leading fintech bank, and this week the firm shared they were testing no-fee interest checking accounts, with a full rollout on the way. 

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Stephanie Cohen, Global Co-Head of Consumer & Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs,

Stephanie Cohen, Global Co-Head of Consumer & Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs, will join LendIt Fintech chairman Peter Renton on the LendIt Fintech USA keynote stage.

The discussion will likely feature Goldman’s new checking, mainly because Cohen announced the news and said in a media statement this week that the consumer banking test is only the beginning. 

“As beta participants, [employees] have the opportunity to be the first to explore the new product, test select features, and share feedback with us,” she wrote. “This beta is only the beginning of what we hope will soon become the primary checking account for tens of millions of customers.”

How can financial services replicate the Amazon experience?

As the tech market capitulates and the top FAANG pack becomes a slimmer GAMA, the question remains: how can we turn our brand into the Amazon of our industry? Firms need to build or buy faster onboarding, reach, and trust to compete with the giant. How can fintech get there, and can innovations like biometrics, digital identity, AI, and ML help bridge the gap? 

Hear from Sarah Clark, Mastercard SVP of Digitial Identity, talk with Ahron Geminder, HSBC global head of Product, and Mike Tuchen, CEO at Onfido, an AI digital identity fintech based out of London. They will join LendIt’s Bo Brustkern in a keynote to lay out the tech it takes to become the next giant. 

Building a digital marketplace bank: the agility of a fintech, the resilience of a bank

Much of the fintech industry works on the partner bank model to combine the security and indestructibility of traditional institutions with fast-moving tech stacks. With the announcement of Columnfrom a Plaid co-founder no less, it is clear a fintech bank hybrid that can offer Baas is in high demand. 

Unfortunately, a flashy front end does not always capture wallets or drive revolutionary change. Retail fintech banks built from the ground up can combine agility and stability and provide the power to promote actual adoptions. 

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LendingClub’s CEO, Scott Sanborn, at Nexus Dealmakers Industry Awards

Join a discussion with LendingClub’s CEO, Scott Sanborn, to hear more about LendingClub’s customer-centric marketplace bank and the tech that powers it. Sanborn aims to bring the masses personalized money management the ultra-wealthy have but is just out of reach; hear how he plans the next phase of the journey.

Why the future of payments will be blockchain-based

Payments have come a long way in the past decade; we went from cash to credit to touchless and QR. We have further to go still: it is hard to take a single phone call in the fintech space without hearing about crypto payments, blockchain settlements, or crypto rails.  

Join fintech industry pioneer Mike Cagney, CEO and co-founder of Figure, who recently launched crypto-backed loans. Cagney plans to discuss the future of payments and why banks are jumping on board the blockchain bandwagon. He will be speaking with two bankers, Matthew Maxey of Synovus and Wade Peery of FirstBank. They will cut through the hype to explain the business case for a new blockchain-based payments system.

Why every bank needs a crypto strategy

Today, the crypto world parallels that of the mid-’90s internet. With an increasing number of crypto owners looking to their banks for crypto support, how can financial institutions continue to meet the needs of their clients while also managing the risks associated with digital currencies?

One day soon, every company might need to begin onboarding crypto, and they need a strategy to navigate the ever-changing regulatory and tech landscape. 

In a fireside chat, Terry Angelos, Visa SVP of Fintech & Crypto, will sit down with Alan Lane from Silvergate Bank to talk about crypto strategy and why now is the time to act.  

Artificial Intelligence: neither easy nor impossible

 There have been few technologies in lending hyped as much as artificial Intelligence. But we are now beyond the hype phase and into serious adoption. For AI to prove its worth, it must show real and significant improvement over traditional models.

Dave Girouard, CEO of Upstart, will be back on the LendIt Fintech USA keynote stage, a true AI pioneer to help us chart the path forward.

The co-founder of Upstart honed his AI skills at Google before recognizing the opportunity in consumer lending, led in discussion by moderator Deirdre Bosa, CNBC. 

How the world’s largest digital bank brought millions of people into the financial system

Nubank went public at the end of 2021. A smash hit fintech story on top of a financial inclusion success story. The Brazilian-based digital bank has grown from 4 million customers to over 50 million in just the last four years, and it is quite the tale.  

USA 22 keynotes
Co-Founder of Nubank,

Catch CEO and Co-Founder of Nubank, David Vélez, on the LendIt Fintech USA keynote stage for the first time in a conversation with the fintech investing legend Nigel Morris, managing partner of QED Investors and co-founder of Capital One.

They will talk shop, from the ingredients that led to rapid growth, the secrets of an industry-low customer acquisition cost, and how Morris made the right bet way back in 2015.

Democratizing access to real estate and investing

From the view of the LendIt midtown Manhattan office, as leases come up for renewal, it is clear there is a fortune to be made as a real estate investor. The slight catch: nonaccredited investors have been out of luck on arguably the best returning asset in the past century. 

The founder and CEO of Cadre, Ryan Williams, has built a groundbreaking commercial real estate investing platform for institutional and individual investors alike. He will lead a talk on the goal of democratizing a robust asset class. 

All these keynotes and more will crowd the lineup for the USA event. Get tickets now and look into the CryptoNexus pre-conference workshop to learn crypto, from just the basics to becoming bilingual. 

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