Happy State Bank Sees Digital Tools Beneficial Beyond Current Crisis

Happy State Bank in Texas started using digital tools in a bigger way starting in October when they partnered with Lightico to make gathering multiparty signatures easier; Lightico offers a digital platform that lets businesses collect forms, e-signatures and more from customers, as well as verify ID; the pandemic has helped to accelerate the program and has the bank thinking how this can be implemented in a bigger way long term; the company also partnered with MANTL to make account openings more efficient, MANTL uses KYC processes from fintech firm Alloy which pulls information from various databases and completes a KYC check in seconds; while some of the technology started before Covid the bank now sees the benefits and is rethinking what it might mean for the bank even after the crisis ends; “We know that the landscape has changed,” Mark Murray, business systems liaison at Happy State Bank, said to American Banker. “I know we’re going to be more aggressive on adopting new technologies. Even in the next couple of quarters, that is going to be a huge focus of ours — looking at different ways we can create a more seamless experience for our customers.” American Banker

  • Emily Donato

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