Gojek Aims to be the Bridge Between SMBs and Global Tech

Indonesia based ride-hailing startup Gojek has branched out beyond their core business into food delivery, logistics and digital payments; the company wants to act as the bridge between global tech companies and the local small and medium sized businesses that power the economy; most offline businesses have been forced to shift operations to all online as they contend with the ramifications of the current pandemic; “What we want to do, as Gojek and GoPay, is be that person that helps these merchants, or that organization … that helps them get through this crisis — whether it’s providing food delivery services for them, logistics services, payment services and even access to these platforms,” Aldi Haryopratomo, GoPay CEO, said to CNBC. “These merchants want access to Google, Facebook, PayPal, and then we become the bridge between the small merchant on the street to some of the world’s global tech companies,” he added; digital payments are still in their infancy in Indonesia which presents a huge opportunity for GoPay; the company has mad a number of acquisitions to build out their payments capabilities including acquiring Midtrans and Moka. CNBC

  • Emily Donato

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