Global Newsletter: SardineX – There’s strength in numbers when fighting fraud

It seems everyone is jumping on the real-time fraud protection bandwagon. 

Less than a week ago, we highlighted news that Plaid was taking a network approach to fraud. This week, fraud prevention and compliance provider, Sardine announced its own solution. 

SardineX is a consortium of financial institutions and fintechs that are joining forces to combat real-time fraud. 

Until now, large pockets of the financial system have remained blind spots for fraud due to the lack of data sharing. Participants of SardineX share their fraud and compliance-related data in a single database available to all. It can be fed into in-house fraud prevention software uncovering instances of repeat fraud and flagging users and activity that seem suspicious.

The news comes just a few days shy of July and FedNow’s proposed launch, so it’s hard to ignore that the move may be related. Real-time payments have come with increased rates of fraud, with fraudsters taking advantage of its inherent weakness in recovering funds once sent. 

Large names have already jumped on board, so the solution is poised to make significant steps toward reducing fraud, even within the environment of faster payments. 

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Sardine makes major announcements to stop fraud
By Isabelle Castro Margaroli   
Sardine, a leader in the fraud prevention and compliance space has upped its game against widespread fraud.


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