Bank Branches Adjust to New Normal

While some big banks are starting to close a portion of their branches many more banks remain open as a means for people to conduct financial business; “Banks are so important during times like these for a number of reasons, including to calm people,” said Larry Mazza, President and CEO of MVB Financial in Fairmont, W.Va., to American Banker. “We still want to conduct business, but we need to do it safely.”; mobile and digital banking are becoming more important than ever but banks are also changing the amount of people they allow in the bank and pushing more people to drive thru windows; banks are also allowing more employees to work from home, stagger their hours and operate in a new way to avoid large clusters of people; ensuring the bank is clean is another priority as traffic is still happening and sanitation needs to keep up with each facility; small banks in particular are trying to tell clients of all stripes to exercise patience and try to not draw cash or funds from lines of credit until absolutely needed; banks are also reassuring people that the banking system overall is safe with deposit insurance and if needed they can work to defer interest or other payments to help people. American Banker

  • Emily Donato

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