Webull Prepares String of Product Launches to Compete with Robinhood

The volatility in the stock markets has put stock trading apps at the forefront of fintech in recent months; Robinhood is one of the top companies in the space and the fintech was just able to raise more than $275mn of additional capital; competitor Webull has found they are taking a lot of users from Robinhood and the fintech is planning a string of product launches this year; “That’s been the No. 1 thing we’ve been saying since we started — to give advanced tools and products that have never been available to the average investor,” Webull CEO Anthony Denier said to Business Insider; according to web analytics provider SimilarWeb Webull’s website visits grew to 2.9 million in April from 850,000 in December; visit growth is on par with Robinhood but overall users are small when compared to the more than 10 million accounts of Robinhood; Webull’s core customer is more mature than other fintechs with Grenier saying Webull is the second brokerage account for traders, not the first. Business Insider

  • Emily Donato

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