Ten Fintech Conferences to Attend This Fall

There is virtually an embarrassment of riches for fintech professionals in the fall when it comes to conferences. While LendIt USA happens in the spring many, if not most, of the other major fintech events of the year are in the fall. So, like I do every year here is a rundown of what I consider to be the ten key conferences to attend this fall. Where we have partnership arrangements we have provided a discount code for you. I am providing this list in chronological order.


When: Sept 11-14, 2017
Where: New York City Hilton Midtown
Link: https://finance.knect365.com/finovatefall
Discount code: F17FALLLAT

Finovate is known for their startup presentations. Many famous fintech names first came to prominence after presenting at Finovate. Companies such as Lending Club, Prosper, Credit Karma and Mint all presented at Finovate before they were household names.

Here is what they say about themselves:

Finovate events showcase cutting-edge banking, financial and payments technology in a unique, short-form, demo format. Plus, new for this year, an expanded program with 100+ financial service experts providing dialogue and debate.

ABS East

When: Sept 17-19, 2017
Where: Miami Beach, FL
Link: https://www.imn.org/structured-finance/conference/ABS-East-2017/
Discount code: LEND10

ABS East has been the go to fall conference for securitization for many years. I have spoken on marketplace lending there in the past and my partner, Bo Brustkern, is speaking there this year. They have an Innovation Institute this year that will be focused on fintech innovations in structured finance.

Serving as one of the most important structured finance industry conferences, the 2017 gathering anticipates a delegation of over 4,000 structured finance professionals, which includes more than 2,000 attendees representing a diverse cross section of issuers and investors in the ABS market. Now in its 23rd year, ABS East has solidified its place as the must-attend Fall gathering of the securitization industry, offering beneficial market insights with actionable takeaways. As always, the program is developed by investors, and led by issuers, to ensure a timely and objective program.

OLPI Policy Summit

When: Sept 25, 2017
Where: Washington, DC
Link: https://www.onlinelendingpolicysummit.com/overview.html
Discount code: This link on PayPal will give you 25% off (until August 31)

In its second year this is where the marketplace lending industry gathers to meet with lawmakers and to discuss regulation. Keynote speakers confirmed so far include Keith A. Noreika, the Acting Comptroller of the Currency and Congressman French Hill, Majority Whip on the House Financial Services Committee. I will also be chairing a panel again this year.

The Second Annual Summit will to continue create opportunity for responsible industry participants to share insights, propose standards and provide regulators and policymakers with consensus viewpoints on the regulation of online lending. The Online Lending Policy Summit will include participants from across the online lending industry, including: online lenders, academics, lawyers, banks, consumer advocates, servicers and regulatory agencies, amongst others.

LendIt Europe 2017

When: Oct 9-10, 2017
Where: London
Link: https://www.lendit.com/europe/2017

Our own event will be back in London this year for the fourth time. With digital banking taking off in Europe and a real blurring of the lines happening between online lending platforms and banks our European event will be reflecting this trend. Of course, we will be covering the online lending space in depth as well as the other areas of fintech that are becoming more important.

LendIt Europe 2017 packs more content and networking opportunities than ever before into two full days. This year’s conference features over 150 speakers, more than 120 thought-provoking sessions, and one of the largest expo halls in Europe with over 70 exhibitor booths.


When: Oct 11-13, 2017
Where: Dallas, TX
Link: https://www.lend360.org/

I have never actually attended a Lend360 event as it always seems to fall right next to LendIt Europe which is the case again this year. But I have heard good things and it is certainly one of the largest fall conferences for marketplace lending.

LEND360 is the go-to event that connects every angle of the online lending industry. Get plugged into the trends, information and opportunities you need to move your business forward. LEND360 offers unparalleled networking and learning opportunities with the best and brightest in the industry.


When: Oct 22-25, 2017
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
Link: https://www.money2020.com/

With more than 10,000 attendees the Money2020 event in Vegas is the largest fintech conference on the planet. Their focus has always been on payments but they have covered other areas of fintech, including online lending in the past.

Money20/20 is the world’s largest marketplace for ideas, connections and deals in Payments and Financial Services. It’s where leaders – representing every sector of the industry – come to seize new business opportunities, strengthen partnerships and discover the latest disruptions.

American Banker’s Digital Lending & Investing

When: November 2-3, 2017
Where: New York, NY
Link: https://www.americanbanker.com/conference/digital-lending-investing-2017

This is the marketplace lending conference from American Banker so it is always very strong on the banking side of fintech. I have spoken at several of their events and it is always well attended.

Whether you are a bank, fintech firm or a loan investor the twist and turns in Digital Lending + Investing gives us much to discuss this year including new case studies from community, regional and large banks on digital lending options– acquire, partner, white label, license or build; updates on platform funding sources and diversification; the growth in securitization and secondary market developments. Sessions will also explore the Trump administration’s impact on the evolving regulatory landscape; new approaches to credit decisioning; blockchain as problem solver; new entrants, emerging technologies and future disrupters; and what lending might look like over the next decade.

AltFi Global Summit

When: November 7, 2017
Where: Amsterdam
Link: https://www.altfi.com/events/global-summit-2017

The AltFi folks have been around almost as long as LendIt and have a consistently good conference in London every year. This is their global summit which has been held in New York previously but they have moved it to Amsterdam for this year.

The Global Summit will focus on the emerging trends across the alternative finance and fintech space. In particular, we will hone in on alternative income opportunities in Continental Europe, spanning everything from marketplace lending through to direct lending. We’ll play host to attendees from a multitude of sub-sectors, including digital banking and robo-advice. Such firms are increasingly forming partnerships with online lending and investment platforms, which is a trend we’re especially interested in. Meanwhile, some platforms are morphing into digital banks themselves, which is another exciting area of interest.

IMN Investors Conference on Marketplace Lending

When: December 1, 2017
Where: New York, NY
Link: https://www.imn.org/structured-finance/conference/Investors-Marketplace-Lending-2017/
Discount code: LEND10

This event is put on by IMN, the same people who bring you ABS East and ABS Vegas every year. So, it has a strong bent towards structured finance. This is their third annual event and I will be speaking here again this year chairing a CEO roundtable.

As the online lending industry continues to expand in terms of volume and variety of assets, platforms will need to ensure stable and diverse sources of funding to maintain this growth. In order to accomplish this, a robust and liquid secondary market for these loans is essential to establish. From whole loan portfolio sales, to CUSIPS, to securitization, this conference will explore efforts underway to ensure access to long term, large scale, efficient sources of capital that will underpin these growth strategies. This is the only event where institutional investors keen on helping to establish and invest in marketplace loans and securities backed by them will attend in critical mass.

Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing Summit 2017

When: December 3-5, 2017
Where: Dana Point, CA
Link: https://opalgroup.net/conference/marketplace-lending-alternative-financing-summit-2017/

This event is put on by the Opal Group and is the only west coast event this fall. This is its second year and while I did not attend last year I heard it was a good event with a focus on the investor side of marketplace lending.

Opal Group is proud to present our Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing Summit. The Summit is an educational forum designed for investors, issuers, platforms, underwriters, banks rating agencies, lawyers, service providers, accountant, and other related industry professionals. At this conference learn and network with industry leaders to gain insight on the newest techniques to maximize returns and reduce risk exposure in this growing area of marketplace lending. Explore an in-depth review of the current landscape and what’s to come in addition to hearing about rating agency methodology, legal, tax and structural considerations which will provide attendees with the tools necessary to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

That will take us through the end of the year. I hope to see you at some of these events this fall.

  • Peter Renton

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