Soon shifts investing option after Y Combinator launch

A couple of days after the pitch week rush, Founder and CMO Aaron Bylund commented on their successful launch and change to market strategy.

On launch week, he announced in a blog post that the Soon team went with a crypto investing option instead of the initial plan of debit card spend investing.

Bylund said they made the switch because it is faster to deliver and has less regulatory friction.

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“It was the shortest path to getting our product to market,” Bylund said. “Crypto also does really well with our investment strategy, which played a part in it.”

The shift also came from the growth experience of participating in the Y Combinator Winter Cohort. Bylund said the energy of that space encourages building a product that works fast.

“Honestly, it’s all an outcome of the change Y Combinator has had on us,” Bylund said. “Focusing on attaining product-market fit as quickly as possible.”

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