Small Banks Struggle to Keep Search Engine Info Up to Date

The current crisis has brought all sorts of challenges that banks and businesses of all stripes never thought they would encounter; when a customer is looking to see if a bank is open they will most likely Google the bank’s name; making sure the hours of operation and if a branch is open is not as simple as it might seem; small banks in particular usually need to have someone on the team update listings in Google My Business, Apple Maps Connect and Bing Places; the larger the branch network the tougher the issue, since the pandemic has forced different locations into different levels of lockdown; large banks tend to outsource the issue to a service that can update listings across thousands of branches; “In the past, people didn’t think about this as much,” said said David Turner, VP, Listing Management Solutions at Neustar, top American Banker. “But these are unprecedented times in that businesses are making material changes to the services they provide and the hours that they’re operating. It’s really important to have someone who owns it and who puts together a strategy around how you’re going to do it.” American Banker

  • Emily Donato

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