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Seedrs Collaborates With Form3 and LHV UK

A partnership between Seedrs, Form3, and LHV UK will allow instant and faster payment processing.

The collaboration will enable Seedrs to utilize real-time payments for a more efficient and effective service to customers and boost their European customer offering.

To increase its customer offering, Seedrs, the leading private investment platform with over £1.9 billion ( $2.25 billion) invested to date, is partnering with Form3 and LHV UK as well as UK Faster Payments and SEPA Instant Payments in Europe.

Charlie James, Seedrs’s Head of Finance & Business Intelligence, commented: “As a leading private investment platform, we need partners that can provide payments and services that make investing on our platform seamless, transparent, and quick to support. In Form3 and LHV UK, we’ve found agile and reliable collaborators who can help Seedrs expand its UK and European offering.”

It is thought that new payment capabilities will help Seedrs help retail investors invest faster and easier in innovative, fast-growing European businesses. By integrating Form3, Seedrs’ users can fund their accounts in real-time while adhering to banking regulations.

Embedded Banking With LHV UK

Over 200 fintech companies count on LHV UK for banking services, including Paysafe, Currencycloud, Coinbase, Trustly, Monese, and Wise. The company’s clients include fintech unicorns, digital asset companies, and established financial institutions. In addition to instant EUR and GBP payments, LHV UK offers bureau banking, virtual IBANs, safeguarding accounts, multicurrency accounts, and foreign exchange services.

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Andres Kitter, Deputy CEO of LHV UK

The company processes 8% of all transactions in Europe and is the founding member and leading provider of instant EUR payments. One of the company’s services is paying and collecting fees for 500 million end-customers in the UK and Europe. The Prudential Regulatory Authority and Financial Conduct Authority approved LHV UK’s UK banking license application in February 2022.

Speaking to Andres Kitter, Deputy CEO of LHV UK, about the partnership, he explains: “Seedrs is one of the most reputable fintechs, having launched in the UK ten years ago. They continue to democratize equity crowdfunding across the UK and Europe, and LHV UK, in partnership with Form3, is thrilled to support their continued expansion. We are uniquely positioned to provide multicurrency CASS account infrastructure and access to real-time payment schemes across multiple jurisdictions. We shall do our best to assist Seedrs with their ambition of building the best global private equity marketplace.”

About Form3

Founded In 2016, Form3 set out to revolutionize the world of payment processing and disrupt the traditional payment infrastructure model with an always-on, cloud-native, Payments-as-a-Service platform. It designs, builds, and runs the technology that powers the future of payment. Form3 handles payment architectures for some of the biggest Tier1 banks and most rapidly growing fintech companies in the UK and Europe. Several industry awards have been given to Form3 over the past year, including Best Cloud Payments Platform 2021, Most Influential Fintech Company 2021, and Top European Fintechs to Watch by Sifted 2020.

Julian Colls, Form3’s Chief Customer Officer, said: “Form3 provides cloud-based payments solutions to benefit everyone from tier-one banks to the thriving startup investor space. This is part of our drive to reimagine payments technology, ensuring all established or new companies can access best-in-class services. Working with Seedrs, in partnership with LHV UK, further supports our UK and European market expansion.”

August will mark the launch of the new payment collaboration.

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