SBA Gets Much Needed Help from Amazon to Speed up Stimulus Funds Processing

The Small Business Administration has been using a system known as E-Tran which was never intended to handle the volume of applications being seen during the crisis; SBA got an assist from Amazon Web Services to develop a new gateway to streamline the applications; the SBA believes this could be a game changer to lenders who were not 7(a) lenders prior to the crisis; “It expedites new lender ability to process loan guarantee requests by providing direct access to E-Tran,” the official said to American Banker; banks have become increasingly frustrated as they have a pipeline of loans they could process but are unable to gain access to the system; “I think a parallel system is a wonderful idea,” said Chris Hurn, CEO of Fountainhead Capital in Lake Mary, Fla., to American Banker. “E-Tran has been very clunky. I was very worried about it. This is a good step.”; after the crisis subsides the changes could end up helping to make the SBA more efficient in the future and bring the department closer to being a fintech. American Banker

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