Roundup of Social Lending News – February 18, 2012

Every Saturday I bring you the latest news from the world of peer to peer lending. These are the best of the news articles and blog posts from around the web that I shared on Twitter this past week.

We have an interesting collection of articles for you to read this weekend. Lending Club is featured in most of the them, with many bloggers discussing their investments and various features of Lending Club. The Harvard Business Review article by Nilofer Merchant doesn’t discuss p2p lending directly but is about innovation and how the social era is confounding many large companies. As an aside it was an untimely reference she made to ProFounder as they shut down their operations yesterday – they claim to be victims of the current regulatory environment – but that may well change later this year. Enjoy your weekend.

The Penny Hoarder – The 10 Weirdest Investments on Lending Club

ProFounder blog – ProFounder is Shutting Down

Smart on Money – Where Do You Get Better Returns For Short Term Savings? A Bank CD Or A Lending Club Account?

Nickel Steamroller – Seasoned Loans for Lending Club Investors

iSellerFinance – Peer-to-Peer Lending: The State Of The State.

Lending Club Experience – How I Use Lending Club Portfolios

Lending Club Experience – Seven Months In And Things Are Slowing Down

Lend Facts – Lending Club Fees

Harvard Business Review Blog Network – Rules For the Social Era

Narrow Bridge Finance – How to Build a Social Lending Snowball

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