PitchIt Podcast #66: Demetrius Gray of Captain

On episode 66 I talk with Demetrius Gray, CEO & Founder of Captain. Captain is a new fintech platform that helps homeowners rebuild 6x faster in the wake of natural disasters. 

Captain offers a solution, so homeowners do not have to pay their deductible upfront. Captain offers a reprieve — up to 36 months with 0% interest — to pay it back, so their current available assets can instead be used for more pressing expenses such as food and temporary housing. 

Flexibility and insurance don’t go hand in hand, this is where Captain steps in. Demetrius and the team offer homeowners an option, one that allows them to get back into their home a lot faster.

Demetrius and I talk about how he became involved in the space, the entrepreneurial bug he got from his father and grandfather, the size and scope of the market, the differences between insured, underinsured and non-insured, raising capital, pickle ball, and much, much more.

Without further ado, I present Demetrius Gray, CEO & Founder of Captain. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Episode discussion points include:

  • Demetrius’s journey to Captain
  • The influence of Demetrius’s father and grandfather
  • Everyone needs a Captain in a time of crisis
  • $92bn of insured losses in 2019
  • $200bn of uninsured losses in 2019
  • The insurance gap
  • The impact of climate change
  • Most consumers misunderstand their insurance rights
  • Insurance company mistreatment
  • “the hard things about hard things”
  • Recommended reading: Burn Rate by Andy Dunn
  • Raising Capital
  • Much more…

Download a PDF transcription of No. 66 Demetrius Gray

  • Todd Anderson

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