PitchIt Podcast #65: Archie Ravishankar of Cogni

On episode 65 I talk with Archie Ravishankar, Founder, and CEO of Cogni. Cogni is a next-gen platform that combines banking, commerce, and lifestyle.

Cogni’s mission is to offer personalized banking products suited to the lifestyles of those 18-to-35. Too many banking products talk with a single voice for all customers; Cogni is aiming to change that dynamic.

Archie and I discuss how he’s building a financial platform that is suited for people’s lifestyles, why he thinks it’s now more attractive to build on web3 than web2, and his vision for the company and advice to young entrepreneurs just getting started.

We also touch on bank partnerships, reducing carbon footprints, FDIC insurance, raising capital, and much more. Without further ado, I present Archie Ravishankar, Founder, and CEO of Cogni. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Episode discussion points include:

  • Archie’s journey to Cogni
  • Why building for people’s lifestyles is so important
  • Whether or not focusing on 18 – 35-year-olds is a risk
  • How they came to launch the digital gift card product
  • How Cogni navigated the pandemic to survive
  • Why Web3 is so attractive
  • The importance of reducing carbon footprints
  • Whether or not FDIC insurance is a must-have
  • Lessons for fellow founders
  • Raising capital
  • And much more…

Download a PDF transcription of No. 65 Archie Ravishankar

  • Todd Anderson

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