PitchIt Podcast #60: Carlos Antequera of Novel Capital

On episode 60 I talk with Carlos Antequera, Founder & CEO of Novel Capital.

Novel Capital provides software entrepreneurs with non-dilutive capital and resources to accelerate growth. Non-dilutive is the key term as many entrepreneurs focus on traditional loans from banks or venture capital, which can come with various terms.

Carlos Antequera
Carlos Antequera

Founders, especially first-time founders can get caught in the echo chamber of Silicon Valley. We need to raise capital from this big-time fund or that big-time fund. The reality is founders need to raise money that best suits their business and their situation.

Carlos and I discussed his journey to Novel Capital, the challenges founders face trying to raise capital, resources beyond capital to help a company’s growth trajectory, the potential impact a recession might have on capital sources, and much more.

Without further ado, I present Carlos Antequera, Founder & CEO of Novel Capital. I hope you enjoy the episode and be prepared to learn about:

  • Carlos’s journey to Novel Capital
  • Why the bank fired Carlos as a customer
  • Lessons he learned from his time as an Angel Investor
  • Why do founders focus so much on traditional debt and equity capital
  • The importance of advice and services alongside capital
  • The potential impact of the looming recession
  • How challenging it is to change the capital mindset of entrepreneurs
  • Resist the easy path
  • Recommended reading: The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz
  • Raising Capital
  • And much more…
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