PitchIt Podcast #55: Hany Fam of Markaaz

On episode 55 I talk with Hany Fam of Markaaz. This episode was recorded at Fintech Nexus USA 2022, which took place in NYC on May 25 – 26.

Markaaz is building the definitive and trusted place for all businesses to connect, small and big, powered by its world’s first pre-verified directory of over 100 million businesses.

Hany Fam
Hany Fam

Covid reminded us how work is still needed to help companies of all sizes. From 1-2 person shops to large corporates, all of these companies have very different needs.

Markaaz helps connect companies to an all-in-one Dashboard with insights and notifications. Companies are pre-scanned, and all the bad actors have been removed.

Hany and I discuss his road to creating Markaaz, the origins of the word Markaaz, the unique problems facing small businesses, the accelerant Covid provided to digital transformation, raising capital, and much more.

I hope you all enjoy the show and be prepared to learn:

  • Hany’s journey to Markaaz
  • The meaning of the word Markaaz
  • Why SMBs are the focus for Markaaz
  • The importance of data
  • How Markaaz amassed so much data and how they keep it up to date
  • Biggest pain points facing SMBs
  • How Covid helped accelerate SMB trends
  • Why founders need to be all in when building a company
  • Lessons learned since launching Markaaz
  • Building with a great team
  • Raising capital
  • And much more…