PitchIt Podcast #48: Adam Nash of Daffy

On episode 48, I talk with Adam Nash of Daffy. Daffy’s mission is to help people be more generous more often. 

When talking to Adam, you can tell this is beyond just a company for him. He has a passion for giving. While giving has always been a part of society, the last decade has seen the space skyrocket in popularity.

Adam and I discussed his extensive background in technology and startups, the mentality of working for a charity versus a for-profit company, the top reasons people forget to give even though they intend to donate, and the technology that underpins Daffy, raising capital, and much more.

So without further ado, I present Adam Nash of Daffy. I hope you all enjoy the show and be prepared to learn:

  • Adam’s journey to Daffy
  • What is a donor-advised fund
  • Why he chose to start a non-profit company
  • The technology that underpins Daffy
  • The most significant pain points in charitable giving
  • The mindset of giving and why people forget
  • Why the wallet is a game-changer in giving
  • Adam underestimated the mission and impact of giving
  • The first time he built a remote-first company
  • The authenticity of the founder’s product fit
  • Why now was the right time for investors
  • Founders need to find the right type of investors for their company
  • Advice for fellow founders: “You have to be in it for the long term.”
  • Favorite writer: Isaac Asimov
  • Last book read: The Power Law by Sebastian Mallaby
  • And much more.

Download a PDF transcription of No. 48 Adam Nash

  • Todd Anderson

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