PitchIt Podcast #29: Petr Kozyakov of Mercuryo

On Episode 29, I talk with Petr Kozyakov of Mercuryo. Mercuryo is a cryptocurrency infrastructure company helping to provide a range of payment solutions. With crypto being one of the hottest, if not the hottest, topics in all of fintech today, I think it was a really interesting interview to talk about how someone is building a company that’s looking to help meld the worlds of crypto and fiat together.

We dig into not only what they mean when they describe themselves as a crypto infrastructure company, but we also talk about where crypto is today. The ease at which some transactions in crypto can be done, such as buying Bitcoin or buying altcoins. The complicated nature of other transactions makes the space not very consumer-friendly today.

There is work being done to fix that problem partly by companies like Mercuryo. We also talk about regulation as a barrier to innovation in the crypto space and what are some of the things that Mercuryo is doing to ultimately help connect the various worlds together. I think it’s a really fascinating interview so without further ado, Petr Kozyakov of Mercuryo. I hope you all enjoy the show.

  • Petr’s journey to starting Mercuryo
  • What the crypto moment was for Petr to jump into the space
  • Mercuryo comes from Mercury being the god of trading
  • The real mission for crypto goes beyond the price of Bitcoin
  • The worlds of crypto and fiat need to work together
  • Fiat and crypto will learn to leverage each other over time
  • The crypto user experience needs to be simplified
  • The right infrastructure can help solve it all
  • 3 years in crypto can feel like 10-15 years in fiat
  • Best advice recieved, “Don’t be afrais to merge crypto and fiat, trust your ideas”
  • “Don’t stop when investors say no”
  • And more…

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