ParentPay Runs into Trouble as Parents Try to Get Payments Refunded

ParentPay is an online payments service in the UK that is used by more than 5 million families and 13,000 schools to make the process of paying for school trips, music lessons or other activities seamless; the company handles more than £1bn in payments every year; with schools being closed due to the coronavirus parents started requesting refunds and some ran into problems getting their money back; ParentPay said the vast majority of parents were able to receive a refund on the same day but there was a small percentage who had issues; “By the end of May we will have processed approximately 1 m refunds since school closures were announced, with 99.95 per cent of those proceeding without additional delays once automated checks had been completed,” said Clint Wilson, Director of ParentPay, to the FT; the service falls outside the FCA’s regulatory purview and leaves parents to take to social media and review sites like TrustPilot to make complaints heard. Financial Times

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