An Originator’s View – Understanding the Diverse Investor Universe

Online lenders don’t have a deposit base to lend out money, so they need to look at different forms of capital sources and Paul Fielding of SoFi talked about these options at LendIt USA 2017; they break up the investor pool into a few different buckets; investors looking to buy whole loans, their securitization shelf that has thus far done over 20 securitizations and direct capital from banks; understanding the right fit for the right investor and how that fits into the capital buckets is the key; while taking questions Paul discussed the recent formation of 1940 Act funds and believes the likes of BlackRock and AllianceBernstein could move into the consumer whole loan market as pensions begin to look at playing in the space; he also talked about the ABS markets being fickle, but in his view all markets are fickle as investors look at their allocation strategies. Source