Millennial Focused Consumer Lending & Lifetime Customer Retention

Understanding the millennial customer is a key for most lenders in the market today and Stephen Dash of Credible explains how his firm handles this challenge during his fireside chat at LendIt USA 2017 with Dakin Campbell of Bloomberg; identifying who the millennial is and how they consume information will help you to tailor your products to this group; 25% of consumers today fall into the millennial category and Credible believes a strong, focused product set will help them to service this generation efficiently; before looking to sell other types of services you must first build a relationship with them, trust can be eroded in an instant; ensuring a compelling value proposition is the key and fully understanding what the customer needs will help you to hold that customer over the lifetime; ultimately customers are co-owned and you can help to make sure your relationship lasts by showing a loyal and durable product set.  Source