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We’ve assembled this web3 resource as a starting point for fintechs, banks and financial institutions to better understand the next wave of innovation upon us. Let us guide you along this web3 journey.

Crypto Winter Podcast Series

In this interview series we discuss the impact of the crypto winter and ways to navigate it going forward, with a variety of voices representing different parts of the industry.

Web3 & CBDCs: The Future of Money is Here (Audio)

Listen to sessions from the track “Web3 & CBDCs: The Future of Money is Here” recorded at Fintech Nexus USA 2022.

The Mass Adoption of DeFi: How Will it Happen? (Webinar)

Watch this popular webinar on decentralized finance. How will it go from a fringe product for the crypto crowd to a useful tool for the masses? We know progress will not happen in a straight line, so what milestones should we be looking for as we find our way to mass adoption?

Learn from senior executives at Web3 Labs, Fiat Republic, FNALITY, and CFTE as they unlock the mystery of this New New Thing.

The Latest on Web3

Stay up to date on topics such as blockchain, DeFi, NFTs and crypto.

17-18 October, Tobacco Dock, London

Merge is the first conference and expo dedicated to the impact of Web3 on financial institutions and how to harness this shift to gain a competitive advantage.