Many Conference Options for P2P Investors This Fall

Many of you know that I am a co-founder of the LendIt Conference. It was the first conference in this industry where investors could gather to learn and network. Not surprisingly, as the industry has grown, more conferences are popping up. In fact, there are five different conferences being held in this country during the fall. Here is a quick rundown on all five conferences in chronological order.

The Lending Exchange: September 16-17 in NYC

Apex Lending Exchange

First cab off the rank is the Apex Lending Exchange. This conference is being produced by the Institute for International Research (IIR) a global event company that produces a broad array of conferences including several in financial services.

The alternative lending ecosystem will converge at the Lending Exchange September 16-17 in New York City. The pioneers in peer to peer, real estate lending, small business lending, direct lending, crowdfunding and alternative lending platforms will lead discussions on emerging trends and opportunities.

Regulation, service providers, the need to deploy and/or retain capital and access to data bridges the lending communities and provide the backbone for Lending Exchange.

Meet the thought leaders spearheading this new, fast-paced, dynamic and sometimes amorphous lending world in conversation driven discussion pods. These private, intimate discussion pods guarantee that you have unprecedented access to those driving returns in one of the fastest growing alternative asset classes.

Registration is open now and costs $950 if you register by August 1st.

ABS East P2P Lending Symposium: September 23 in Miami

ABS East Online Lending/P2P Symposium

The ABS East conference is one of the largest conferences for the securitization industry. This year, as part of ABS East, there is a one-day event dedicated to p2p lending called the Online Lending/P2P Symposium.

IMN is excited to announce the first annual Online Lending/P2P Symposium at ABS East, Tuesday, September 23, 2014 in Miami Beach, Florida. This inaugural event marks the first true intersection of debt capital markets and online lenders. It aims to provide comprehensive coverage on the developments and investment opportunities in the US online lending/P2P market, as well as the major challenges that must be addressed in order for this asset class to succeed.

Run in tandem with ABS East, one of the most important industry conferences focused on the securitization market, the conference provides a launch pad for online platform operators to meet with our delegation of over 3,000 structured finance professionals, including more than 1,000 asset-backed issuers and institutional investors. IMN’s Online Lending/P2P Symposium will gather together the best minds in the industry to provide you with thought-leadership on the key challenges and opportunities facing the Online Lending/P2P market.

Attendees of the Online Lending /P2P Symposium are also welcome to participate in the full ABS East conference which runs for two and-a-half days from September 21-23. The rate for investors is $1,595 and you can register here.

P2P Lending+Investing: October 6-7 in NYC

P2P Lending Investing American Banker

The P2P Lending+Investing conference is presented by American Banker who have been following the p2p lending industry closely in recent months.

The face of lending is changing. Hear from those affecting change in the P2P space and bridging the gap between traditional and non-traditional lending opportunities.  American Banker’s P2P lending + Investing event, to be held October 6-7, 2014 in NYC, brings together the operators of online lending platforms, hedge funds, institutional investors and wealth managers looking to invest in P2P and nontraditional originated loans; and bankers who are eager to understand, and perhaps capitalize on, the trend as it encroaches more and more into their small business and consumer lending business.

The early bird price for investors is $695 available until August 15, you can register for this conference here.

Crowdfinance 2014: October 16 in NYC

Crowdfinance 2014

Crowdfinance 2014 is a one day conference produced by Crowdnetic, a leading provider of technology and market data solutions for the crowdfinance marketplace and the people behind Lendvious. This conference follows up from the success last year of Crowdfinance 2013.

A surge of financial innovation, guided by shifting trends in communications, advancements in technology and a new regulatory landscape, has triggered sweeping changes across the entire financial services sector. Today’s global equity and debt markets are being redefined through a growing movement known as crowdfinance where capital is derived by the pooling of monies from a large crowd of individual investors as opposed to big institutions and government entities.

Join us in NYC on October 16, 2014 for Wall Street’s second annual Crowdfinance Conference where financial veterans and industry leaders will provide participants with the resources necessary to capitalize in a financial services industry undergoing rapid transformation.

The early bird price, which expires on July 31st, for this conference is $349. You can register here.

The AltFi Global Summit: November 4 in NYC

The AltFi Global Summit 2014 New York City

The AltFi Europe Summit took place in March in London and was the first European conference in this industry. The AltFi team is now bringing their conference to this country with a one day event called the AltFi Global Summit.

Building on the success of the AltFi Summit Europe, we’re now taking the event global to explore the challenges facing the fast growing sector as well as investigating the opportunities in both Europe and America.

The AltFi Global Summit will take place on November 3rd 2014 at NASDAQ in New York. Our audience of 250 attendees will be comprised of investors, wealth managers, hedge funds, family offices, venture capitalists, consultants and of course all the key players from the industry. The AltFi Global Summit is the definitive event for this exciting sector – with a strong focus on investors, investment opportunities and business development for the sector.

Super early bird tickets are available now for £208. You can register here.

LendIt Europe: November 17 in London

Finally, I want to give a quick plug to our own event this fall: LendIt Europe that is happening in London on November 17 at 155 Bishopsgate. Lend Academy readers will find out more about this conference when we open it for registration later this month.

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