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LinkedIn releases list of most promising startups in Latin America

Linkedin recently released its “Top Startups 2022 in Latin America” list, with the most promising startups from five countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico. According to the platform, the selection brings together companies “overcoming current challenges to continue innovating, generating interest, and attracting the best talent.”

To select the 15 startups, Linkedin analyzed exclusive data from its platform. The list took into account four main pillars: the growth of the workforce, the interest in job postings; the interaction of users with the company and its employees; and the way startups attracted candidates from companies that are part of the LinkedIn Top Companies selection.


Selection of emerging companies

In each country, ten emerging companies were selected to be highlighted for their management and business model and, simultaneously, to show what kind of professionals are the ones that meet the most significant demand in their corresponding markets.

“This list aims to be a resource for professionals who want to innovate, solve big problems and develop their skills,” said Linkedin.

In the case of Chile, the first place went to NotCo, followed by Betterfly and Final. Similarly, companies such as Buk, eDarkstore, Talana, Justo, Examedi, Xepelin, and Envíame managed to position themselves in the list.

In Brazil, the ranking is led by the financial services startup Neon. In second place was C6Bank, and in third place was the software developer Gupy. These are followed by Me Poupe!, Flash, Z1 App, Caju, Pipo Saúde, Paylivre, and Onze.

On the other hand, in Argentina, the companies that stood out were: Ualá, Pomelo, Flybondi, Rocking Data, Xubio, Karvi, Nuqlea, Henry, Mudafy, and clicOH.

In Colombia, the list is headed by e-commerce startups Morado, Rappi, and Habi, followed by Frubana, Tul, Farmu, Melonn, Truora Inc, Trii, and Tpaga.

Finally, in Mexico, the podium was occupied by Kavak.com, Clara, and Homie. In addition, Justo, Sofía, Mendel, Merama, Flink Mexico, Nowports, and Fairplay.

Read Linkedin’s list of the Top15 LatAm Startups in 2022:

Betterfly (Chile)

With this digital benefits platform founded in 2018, employers can reward employees for maintaining healthy habits. On the other hand, employees can increase their life insurance coverage with company rewards or donate to charitable causes, for example.

C6 Bank (Brazil)

The digital bank is one of the most innovative in Brazil, and the security of its more than 20 million customers is its priority. To that end, in 2022, it adopted biometric identification in risky operations. 

Clara (Mexico)

The fintech created in 2020 offers corporate credit cards, virtual and physical, and provides an enterprise technology solution to control finances, expenses, and supplier payments.

Fintual (Chile)

It is a digital platform that allows users to invest in long-term assets in simple ways; users can also set goals, such as buying a house.

Flybondi (Argentina)

The business model of this low-cost airline is based on offering one of the lowest prices on the market thanks to the efficiency of its processes. It has 7 own aircraft and expects to end the year with 10.

Gupy (Brazil)

With the proposal of integrating recruitment, hiring, and talent development in one place, in 2022, the platform reached one million hires. It raised US$ 97 million in the most significant funding round for an HRtech.

Habi (Colombia)

It is the fastest-growing real estate startup in Colombia and is the second unicorn in the country.

Homie (Mexico)

It is a proptech with a platform that facilitates the rental process through collection management and a predictive model for tenant approval.

Kavak.com (Mexico)

The company buys used vehicles to resell them later through an online platform.

Morado (Mexico)

The startup seeks to revolutionize the cosmetics market and bring products closer to beauty businesses across the country. To do this, they have combined a marketplace with more than 9,000 products and 400 brands and a logistics operation that reaches more than 1,000 municipalities.

Neon (Brazil)

The startup, born to be the digital bank for classes C and D, reached “unicorn” status in 2022.

NotCo (Chile)

The company uses artificial intelligence-based algorithms to develop new plant-based foods. They feature plant-based products that are alternatives to foods such as mayonnaise, milk, ice cream, and hamburgers.

Pomelo (Argentina)

Dedicated to developing technological infrastructure for fintechs, the startup has already raised $50 million. It will seek to consolidate its operations in Mexico, Peru, and Colombia and strengthen its business in Argentina and Brazil.

Ualá (Argentina)

With 4 million users in Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia, this mobile personal finance app has acquired a formal banking entity and reached a valuation of $2.45 billion.

Rappi (Colombia)

The company is considered the first “SuperApp” in Latin America. It started as a digital store with a broad portfolio of services, such as credit cards, virtual ATMs, supermarket shopping, pharmacies, and pet shops.

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