Podcast 19: Anil Gupta of PeerCube on P2P Lending Analysis

Today, p2p investors have many options when it comes to analyzing loan performance. One of these options is PeerCube which was founded by Anil Gupta, a software engineer with a background in data analytics. In this latest edition of the Lend Academy Podcast I talk with Anil about PeerCube and the importance of data analysis for p2p investors.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why Anil decided to get into p2p lending in the first place.
  • How he started investing and how PeerCube came into being.
  • What PeerCube has to offer p2p investors.
  • Why it is important for him to share the filters others use to invest.
  • How his Bad Loan Experience (BLE) index works.
  • How PeerCube tracks the new loans added to Lending Club and Prosper.
  • An explanation of his recent analysis of loan returns based on the time loans took to get funded.
  • The very interesting and unexpected findings of this analysis.
  • The reason he maintains a healthy skepticism of the p2p lending industry.
  • Why he considers Lending Club and Prosper loan brokers and why they remind him of real estate agents.
  • Why Anil feels that people are ignoring the risks involved in p2p lending.
  • What the future holds for PeerCube.

In this interview we talked at length about Anil’s fascinating analysis of Lending Club loans time to fund – below are links to all four articles in the series:

Mad Rush at Lending Club Loan Release Time: Part I
Mad Rush at Loan Release Time: Part II – Loan Performance with Time to Fund
Mad Rush at Lending Club Loan Release Time: Part III – Delinquency Rate and FICO Score Change
Mad Rush at Lending Club Loan Release Time: Part IV – Interest Rate with Time to Fund

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