Jaidev Janardana on the Future of Zopa and its New Digital Bank

In an interview with AltFi the CEO of Zopa, Jaidev Janardana, gave some insight into how the company is thinking about their new digital bank which recently received full authorization; the digital banking space in the UK is very competitive but as Jaidev noted today investors are looking at not just growth but how an organization can monetize that growth; Zopa is well positioned here because of its ability to monetize its long established peer to peer lending platform; he is optimistic that Covid-19 will not slow down its plans as it rolls out new products, saying, “More products allow us to reach out to more customers or do more with our existing customers. The bank allows us more revenue growth. It is our ambition to increase revenue another tenfold over the next five years or so”. AltFi.

  • Peter Renton

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