Investors Discuss the Future of Proptech

Business Insider reached out to seven investment firms to ask about winner and losers in the proptech market; Bain Capital Ventures, RET Ventures, Moderne Ventures, JLL Spark Global Venture Fund, MetaProp, Corigin and Thomvest Ventures were all interviewed; some winners include digital mortgage companies as Nima Wedlake, Principal at Thomvest Ventures, explains, “Our long theme at Thomvest in financial services has been this viewpoint that all financial services will move online and out of brick and mortar. It started with Lending Club, now we’re very focused on real estate.”; as far as losers go Kitty Sullivan, Investor at JLL Spark Global Venture Fund, provides insight, “Unfortunately, the proptech startups serving hospitality and offering shared co-working/living spaces have been some of the hardest hit. With the need for continued social distancing and increased concerns regarding travel safety, these sectors are likely to be some of the last to fully recover.”; proptech, like most other markets, will go through a fair amount of change after the pandemic subsides and these investors provided just a little insight into the potential outcomes. Business Insider

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